Fox Aprons

Functional. Raw. Denim.

First to market with a design solution to the raw denim bleed. Many have followed but only we continue to stand the test of time.
Functional. Raw. Denim.

an aesthetic ode to the farmer. the overall

Hand selected raw denim and American leather, finished with woven straps and brass hardware so you look your best while working your hardest.
an aesthetic ode to the farmer. the overall

Responsibly Made In The USA

Not only will you look great, but you'll know that your Fox Apron was crafted by expert hands right here in the USA.

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Responsibly Made In The USA
Work Smart

Work Smart

Pockets with purpose make you quick on the draw for that which you need most- sharpie, lighter, business cards, wine key etc.

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The Cross back Straps

These straps are designed for comfort and durability. Not simplicity. What will at first feel awkward, will quickly become just another skill and point of pride in you daily routine.

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The Cross back Straps


Raw Denim

We hand select the best mid-weight American Milled denim for its durability, strength and classic looks.

American Leather

We source only veggie-tanned leather. It is durable, ages well and each batch of aprons has its own uniquely sourced leather.

Brass Detailing

We utilize a durable brass hardware, produced regionally, for a professional touch.

Dead Stock

Each small batch is produced using the last bit of a denim no longer in production giving each batch of aprons a life, feel and originality of their own.

Poly Cotton Liner

This technology allows you to get that signature fade of raw denim without "fading" onto your cloths. The air in between also acts as a protective layer of insulation against direct heat.

Classic Denim Apron

$ 145.00 $ 177.60

Classic Denim Apron by Fox Aprons, front view
Classic Denim Apron by Fox Aprons, front view Durable Cotton Lining by Fox Aprons The Crossback Straps by Fox Aprons Durable Brass Hardware by Fox Aprons Amish Leather and Brass Fastener by Fox Aprons Thoughtful Pocket Design by Fox Aprons

Classic Denim Apron

$ 145.00 $ 177.60

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Proudly based in San Diego, California. For Custom orders and bulk pricing please contact Jonathan Fox at


Mike Florea, Executive Chef / Maribelle's
"Fox Aprons are the sh*t. I'm happy to have the weight off my neck. The quality and style are more than expected. I love supporting local businesses. These aprons are legit. Thank you for supporting us with quality and at the same time I am proud to support you. Buy local."

– Mike Florea, Executive Chef / Maribelle's

Steven Clement, Bartender / Salazar
"In love with my Fox apron! I have easy access to all of the tools I need during the work shift. The aesthetics are chic and of premium quality. An added bonus: you won't get too hot on the busiest of nights. You should fox with fox aprons"

– Steven Clement, Bartender / Salazar

Jose Salazar, Chef / Salazar
"Fox aprons are unlike any other that I've worn before. Working in the kitchen with Jonathan Fox, I see the meticulous attention to detail that goes into his cooking, being applied to the crafting of these gorgeous aprons. The materials are unparalleled. Stylish and comfortable, these aprons are for the chef or bartender who cares about his/her appearance, but won't sacrifice quality or comfort."

– Jose Salazar, Chef / Salazar

Andrew Mersmann, Chef / Django
"I love my fox apron. It's durable and functional yet fashionable; rugged yet refined. The cross back design allows for hours of wear without any discomfort. To put it simply: This apron is dope and you should probably buy one."

– Andrew Mersmann, Chef / Django

Rachael Simon, The Flute Mechanic
Almost 3 years later (received January 2019), I am still OBSESSED with my Fox Apron. The look, feel and performance are absolutely perfect for what I do. I love having something unique to be my shop uniform! Thanks again, still not over this thing!!

– Rachael Simon, The Flute Mechanic